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Stem Cell Treatment in Meridian, ID

Matrix Regenerative Offers a Wide Variety of Stem Cell Treatments. Book an Appointment or Call Us at (208) 314-1482. We are Located at 3090 E Gentry Way #220, Meridian, ID 83642.

Stem Cell Treatment in Meridian, ID

What Are Stem Cells and How Do They Work?

Every single human being has stem cells circulating throughout their body. Whether we are hours old or many years old, we all have them. These cells live within our bone marrow and when we are injured they are “recruited” out of the bone marrow and are then sent to out to different parts of the body to help with healing. How do these stem cells know where to go? Well, naturally circulating chemicals called “cytokines” are signals that attract stem cells to the area of injury. When we are injured, or cut, we typically bleed – so, as part of the healing process, platelets are the ones that initially stop the bleeding, but they also work by releasing different growth factors and chemicals that help to attract the stem cells. Once the stem cells arrive to an area of the body that is injured, they begin to assist in the healing process.

Will stem cells help us grow a new knee, hip, or shoulder? We will most likely never see that happen. However, what we do happen to be seeing in regards to improvements in chronic pain, function, and quality-of-life – cannot be ignored. We are now entering and thriving in a phase of medicine where we are now able to harness and maintain our focus on the power of stem cells. With this, we can offer our patients many options and hope to help manage their chronic pain, when there was very little or none that had previously existed

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Stem Cell Therapy?

Our regenerative medicine doctors and pain management specialists are fascinated by this emerging solution to managing chronic pain. We want to be able to assist each and every one of our patients using this solution whenever possible. There are many areas of the body that we are currently able to utilize stem cell therapy to help treat. Some of these areas include:

Why Should I Go to Matrix Regenerative Medicine for Stem Cell Therapy?

The expert team of highly-trained and dedicated medical professionals at Matrix Regenerative Medicine are solely committed to providing our patients with the highest quality regenerative medicine in all of Meridian and Boise, ID. We believe that all of our patients should be able to face each and every day with confidence, and that not a single one of them should have to deal with severe chronic pain. At Matrix Regenerative Medicine, you can be sure that our doctors and medical staff will take care all of your concerns, and you will be treated with the care and attention you deserve, in a discreet and warming environment.

The doctors and stem cell specialists at Matrix Regenerative Medicine look forward to helping you treat your chronic pain today. We are conveniently located near you at 3090 E Gentry Way #220 Meridian, ID 83642. We are open 4 days a week, Tuesday – Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday – Monday: Closed. So call to schedule your appointment with the best regenerative medicine doctors near you at (208) 314-1482.

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